My name fullsizerenderis Stephanie and I am a currently a student enrolled in the advertising/public relations program at the University of Central Florida. What’s different about me than most students at UCF is that I am 30 years old. You may be asking what am I doing at UCF at this age? The short answer is that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I finished high school, and I definitely didn’t want to waste thousands of dollars working on a degree I wasn’t compelled to achieve. So I went straight into the Monday through Friday 40-hour work week, working hard for the money.

It wasn’t until I started working as a traffic manager for a small-sized advertising agency that I knew I loved working in the advertising industry. My responsibilities was to manage each project and make sure it met the client’s needs. During my time at this agency, I was also given a chance to write a radio script for a client’s campaign and it aired in Jamaica, Barbados, Turks and Caicos and the Cayman Islands. I love being creative and I’m extremely skilled in being organized, handling strict deadlines and assisting clients with any project or product. I knew when I was 24 I wanted to be an account services manager in this creative industry. This agency unfortunately closed their doors after working with them for three years. I shortly received a job with an engineering and construction firm as an administrative assistant. After working with them for six years, I realized this was not the industry for me, and wished to be back in the advertising world. I decided a few months before my 30th birthday to learn as much as aI can in this industry and applied to UCF. And here we are today!

I believe anyone at any age can achieve their goals and dreams. Doesn’t matter if you are 20, 30, 40 or whatever age you may be. Age is nothing but a number, and should never be used to come in the way of your dreams. All that matters is how hard you work for what you want in life. As I feel I have all my life. That is why my blog is titled “30 is Just Another Number”. And currently my goals and dreams include working for an advertising agency that I hope to represent and help any future clients in creating amazing campaigns. In this personal blog I hope to share with you some intriguing insights to the advertising agency and to share meaningful stories.

Email address: sruwell@knights.ucf.edu

Twitter: @sruwell



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